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Music Mezcal: Prince Harvey and King Cavalli

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Last Night’s Music Mezcal and More About Prince Harvey & King Cavalli

Last night’s evening was stellar! We got to see Prince and King do what they do best, perform their original songs live. They gave phenomenal performances. What a treat to watch them. The evening was hosted by Mike Quinn of #Utopia. He did a great job and really kept the show moving. Of course, we have a winner for the raffle which is 2 VIP experience tickets to #JanetJackson’s #Unbreakcable #Tour.

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We asked King Cavalli why he wanted to participate in Music Beats Cancer and he had some pretty great things to say…

King Cavalli may be an actor, singer, and best-selling author with a jam-packed schedule, but there is one task he’ll always make the time for: finding a cancer solution. — King Cavalli

King Cavalli performing

Since people are adapted to a rich universe of offline sound, it’s important that the digital user experiences should mirror this same familiarity. This is where he hopes to bring an extended awareness of Sound Affect’s mission to his fans and beyond. — King Cavalli

We also asked Prince Harvey why he wanted to participate in Music Beats Cancer and he had some pretty great things to say…

Prince Harvey performing

Brooklyn-based rapper Prince Harvey has quickly become famous for being the first artist to record an entire album on public Apple Store display computers; a quest that took over five months of stealth and determination.

He lost his grandmother to cancer and he has been very close to the women in his life, including his mother. He found them both an inspiration to his determination to become a household name in music, but also to stay humble and unique in the process. — Prince Harvey

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