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A truly amazing artist once sang, “We can be heroes, just for one day.”

Everybody’s heart sank in early January, when they found out the gut-wrenching news that our own starman, David Bowie, had passed away from cancer. He was a fashion icon, a rock god, a loving family man, and a music artist who created work that touched people’s lives and will be remembered forever.

When you think about the war on cancer and the many lives we have lost because of it, it is hard to imagine how a single person can create a significant impact. It is especially difficult for those of us in the performing arts industry to watch so many of our most admired artists fall and not understand why or be able to help, like scientists or researchers could. Music Beats Cancer is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the way the war on cancer is fought and funded by giving opportunities to young music artists to crowdfund and perform for the cause.

The fact of the matter is that many of us do not realize there are already hundreds of potential cures for cancer that have been discovered. However, the problem is that most of these discoveries fall through the cracks, not because they are invaluable, but because they lack the funding needed to advance their development to the point that cancer clinics and implement them affordably. Music Beats Cancer can bridge that gap and help directly fund these new solutions that promise to revolutionize treatments but have yet to receive the support they need to further their technologies.

New music artists can support the cause at Music Beats Cancer by helping to fund one solution at a time via crowdfunding. In addition, crowdfunding at Music Beats Cancer comes with an extra twist. Once the music artists participate in the competition, the top artists who raise the largest amount are invited to perform at a unique event such as a pre-Grammy party, Fashion Week, or in a quintessential venue in New York City. These young artists not only have the chance to brand themselves and promote their music, but raise awareness for the war on cancer.

During his life, Bowie often used his music to raise awareness of causes that he deeply cared about and lent his talent to playing benefit concerts to raise funds for charities that help fight both HIV and AIDS. His notable music videos “China Girl” and “Lets Dance” were described by him as a statement against racism, and “Tin Machine” took a stance against fascism. He was also a strong supporter of the charity Keep A Child Alive, and is donating all the proceeds from his new album “Blackstar” to Cancer Research UK during the month of January 2016.

Music Beats Cancer represents one of many organizations that stand on the battleground to end the fight on cancer and at the same time lie a fertile ground for new talented music artists in our city. They seek to inspire and cultivate a new generation of artists whose music exists with another altruistic purpose. Be a hero like David Bowie and join the fight by giving your music another purpose.

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