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Noel H.

Music Beats Cancer

Noel Herrity songs are a form of musical storytelling that also depicts his own struggle with cancer for the past 5 years. Noel hopes that his music can make a difference, however big or small, in the global fight against cancer.

What was your original calling to music? How did you start?

Noel is a writer of songs and stories rather than a musical performer. His songs have been described as reflective as they are motivated by the struggles, celebrations and tensions of everyday life. His musical stories typically address issues as diverse as  cancer and homelessness, addictions, love, loss and troubled relationships. These songs are led by the lyrics and are a mix of folk, country and blues.

Who or what is your musical inspiration?

Inspired by a diverse range of music from Leonard Cohen to Jason Isbell, Noel’s songs took years to find their voice.Noel was born in Ireland and currently lives there but spent many years living and working in Africa. Much of his inspiration has been drawn from his own life experiences including his more recent journey with cancer. ‘Stars in Heaven’ is one of a number of songs dealing with cancer.  This particular song was written for his good friend, Bev Denbury, who set up the ‘Journey of Hope’ in Botswana for breast cancer awareness and for which initiative she was awarded the Queen’s medal in the UK, a prestigious honor.

Why did you become involved with Music Beats Cancer?

Unfortunately, Bev died in August 2019 having struggled with her cancer for many years Noel says “ I really hope that the song can reach a much bigger audience, keeping Bev’s legacy and the Journey of Hope going. I also hope that the song can help, even in some small way, in raising awareness and support for the global fight against cancer. This is why I joined Music Beats Cancer.”

If you’d like to hear more real life inspired songs and stories click HERE for his SoundCloud and HERE for his Spotify.

Also, be sure to visit his Music Beats Cancer page HERE.

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