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Sophia G

Music Beats Cancer

Peace, love, and music. Based out of Baton Raton, Florida; Sophia Gonzon is more than just a singer-songwriter. She is also an advocate for self-love and self-worth. A brilliant mixture of pop/punk; her distinct style is a blend of attitude and emotion that anyone can relate too. Suffering from constant bullying during pivotal moments in her life; Sophia has channeled her pain and anger into her craft. Her sound, her lyrics, and her music all represent an escape for those whose voices cannot be heard. Sophia is currently ranked as the #1 pop artist locally/regionally, #46 nationally, and #95 globally on ReverbNation. She is one of the only two people chosen to be the spokesperson for the Association of Migraine Disorders. Along with her other philanthropic work, Sophia is also an artist working with the Music Beats Cancer fundraising campaign. Sophia’s musical and community efforts will continue to resonate with her goal to make the world a better place.

What was your original calling to music? How did you start?

I kinda always played around with piano, guitar, and sang around the house, but I never really took it seriously until I recorded my first song.

Who or what is your musical inspiration?

My musical inspiration is probably Ariana Grande – at least she’s my biggest one – though I love to try out all genres.

Why did you become involved with Music Beats Cancer? Has cancer directly or indirectly affected you?

I became involved with Music Beats Cancer because I was given the opportunity to help out something great with my music and my voice. Using my music to help in a positive way somehow is definitely something I want to do.

Also, fighting cancer is an issue close to my heart as it has affected many family members directly. My grandmother passed due to cancer before I was born, my cousin, Mikey, has battled childhood cancer his whole life, another cousin, Alicia, just recently battled it and now my Aunt Peggy who’s had to fight it multiple times is fighting it once again.

I’m really hoping to help some people out and spread awareness for cancer treatment availability. I want to show cancer patients and survivors that people care and they’re not alone in this fight. I’m really hoping to help make a difference with this challenge. 

Check out her page HERE.

What is happening next in your music career?

I’m getting ready to get back to working on 5 different songs I started before I ended up with “vocal dysphonia” from singing with a cold. I‘ve been wanting to take on more of a pop punk genre sound, so a lot of my newer music will definitely have that vibe.

Anything else you would like Music Beats Cancer readers to know about you?

I had planned on becoming a veterinarian, but those plans changed after another traumatic bullying experience in 9th grade. After that, I fell ill with chronic daily migraines, fibromyalgia, and arthritis and could not attend school in any normal manner. At that moment, I started taking music more seriously because it was an outlet, a kind of art therapy. Animals will still always be my first love. My pets include a Kinkajou, 2 pugs, a Siberian cat, a prairie dog, tarantula, geckos, a snake, and a severe macaw parrot. Having an animal sanctuary zoo of some kind is something I hope my music will afford me some day.

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