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Music Beats Cancer: Doing Charity Differently

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On Wednesday July 29, 2016, Music Beats Cancer launched a new event unlike any other charity fundraiser. To begin with, the event was entirely free and open to all. The venue was none other than the Microsoft flagship store in Manhattan, the celebrity, a YouTube star, the performing talent, independent musical artists, and the beverage, cold pressed watermelon.

While most charitable events fall under the format of “gala” involving traditional A-list celebrities, $200 per plate and fancy hotel ballrooms, for Music Beats Cancer the power of change relies on the participation of the masses. As a charitable crowdfunding organization, engaging everyone on the planet is how Music Beats Cancer intends to transform the war on cancer.

Needless to say, Microsoft stores, YouTube stars and independent musical artists are key components to Music Beats Cancer outreach and fundraising activities. Music Beats Cancer intends to launch a series of such events in other locations in New York in the remaining months of 2016. Check out photos of the event HERE and stay tuned for our upcoming events!

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