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Who Is Music Beats Cancer?

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The History of Music Beats Cancer

Music Beats Cancer is a non-profit organization whose aim is to disrupt how the war on cancer is fought and financed. We have established our own donation based crowdfunding platform featuring fully vetted bio-entrepreneurs actively working towards cures. Music Beats Cancer empowers people who want to accelerate the rate of the development of new cancer treatments. We invite you to become contributors to scientific breakthroughs by directly supporting the work of Music Beats Cancer’ vetted group of bio-entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to measurably improve cancer care and survival by empowering individuals across all socioeconomic strata – not the medical and scientific community alone – to influence the future landscape of cancer-fighting treatments. Our goal is to increase the number and flow of promising treatments in the pipeline by providing funds to bio-entrepreneurs translating research into groundbreaking cancer solutions. In so doing, we believe we will disrupt what is known in the scientific research community as “the Valley of Death,” that space in which promising anti-cancer innovations die through lack of sustained funding.

How We Work

Music Beats Cancer is revolutionizing the war on cancer through capitalizing on the power and passion of people and music. We partner with celebrity and burgeoning musical artists to promote our mission. Music is our metaphorical torch to transforming the war on cancer.

When people make a contribution to a cancer-fighting campaign, we pass their “earmarked” dollar to their chosen campaign as a charitable grant. Most importantly, donors will be actively contributing to a movement of generating real change in the war against cancer.

Why it Matters

The prevailing assumption in the U.S. is that major cancer associations and universities, along with the U.S. government’s National Cancer Institute, are covering all needs in development of technologies to combat cancer, and thereby effectively enhancing the public good. Unfortunately, the metrics on cancer overall do not support this assumption, as more people are contracting cancer than ever before, cancer rates for most cancers are not decreasing but are increasing, and life expectancy figures for most cancers are also not improving. The American Cancer Society states that nearly 14.5 million living Americans had a history of cancer on January 2014. This number is projected to increase to 19 million by January 2024. All this is juxtaposed with billions of dollars spent on cancer research. The rhetoric around cancer research has simply not matched the metrics for most cancers, which are by and large, depressing. Music Beats Cancer’ seeks to reverse this negative trend.

Music Beats Cancer is bridging “The Valley of Death,” the dysfunctional space where enduring funding gaps prevent society from benefiting from promising biotech developments. We also fill a cancer awareness role regarding early biotechnology development that at present is woefully underserved.

Music Beats Cancer is democratizing the cancer product development space by helping the public become aware that there are, in fact, strategic options for how we approach the development of cancer technologies to promote the public good. By enabling people to participate in supporting emerging and promising technologies that will likely disappear through insufficient funding, we offer pathways that no others provide. In an age when people seek and support alternative media outlets, and where individuals harness great informational and computing power, we believe our offering is unique and strong.

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