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Therapeutic Heat To Melt Tumors: A Safe and Effective Treatment for Colorectal Cancer

Patients fear cancer treatment more than cancer itself. This is because surgery, chemo and radiation can often lead to debilitating physical and mental consequences, or worse cause future cancer recurrences. Minimally invasive measures are needed to safely and effectively address cancer. Siva Therapeutics has developed “Targeted Hyperthermia™” that enables early intervention for colorectal cancer without […]

Cancer Patients Can’t Wait: Speeding Up the Referral Process to Save Lives!

When it comes to fighting cancer, swift diagnosis and treatment is critical to patient outcomes.  In Hawaii, cancer is the second leading cause of death, so it is imperative a patient be seen by the right medical specialist quickly. Unfortunately, the current patient referral process is  so inefficient that only half of all patient referral […]