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Isaiah G.

Music Beats Cancer

We spoke with Isaiah Grass about his musical beginnings and what lead to him pursuing music as a career. He found Music Beats Cancer and became involved to help raise money and awareness.

Q: What was your original calling to music? How did you start?

When I was a child, I sang in the school and church choir. I loved performing in front of people and seeing their smiles.  I dreamt of creating songs one day that would help others and give people a reason to fall in love, reflect on their lives, or just have fun! This desire followed me as I grew. After I graduated from a Performing Arts Academy, I was scouted by modeling agencies who encouraged me to move to New York. I was discovered by another agency in Chicago, who learned that I could sing and write. They suggested I pursue a career in music, and because I took their advice, I have received many opportunities throughout my career.

Q: Who or what is your musical inspiration? Which artist(s) do you look up to? Did any of them inspire you to experiment with your music? Is there something new you’d like to try?

When I write my songs, they are based on personal experiences, or those I know. My music is a mixture of pop, rock, and dance songs created to help you reflect, fall in love, or just have fun! In 2012, I released my debut album “Expect the Unexpected” which was 13 songs. Additionally, I released 6 singles which discuss a variety of topics. In 2021, I released “Dance in Love” a high-energy dance remix album with (9) songs of mine in collaboration with DJs worldwide. This album is perfect for exercising, dancing, and just having fun.

  • “Climb Over Mountains.” – (Falling in Love.)
  • “A Girl Like You.” – (Knowing your self-worth.)
  • “Christmas With You.” – (Proceeds donated to Salvation Army.)
  • “This Is Not a Love Song.” – (Leaving a toxic relationship.)
  • “More Than Friends.” – (Preventing online hackers and predators.)
  • “Wherever You Are.” – (Going through hardships in life.)

Checkout Isaiah’s music HERE.

During the pandemic I wrote a song titled: “Wherever You Are” which is about going through hardships in life but knowing that you’ll never face them alone. Many people have told me that it’s helped them cope with both mental and physical illnesses, and the loss of a loved one. What truly inspires me to create music, is knowing my songs can offer emotional therapy and impact someone’s life.

There are so many talented artists I cannot name just one, however I do experiment with all types of genres. I’ve been asked to try (Christian, Pop, Rock, Country) and recently EDM music. As a singer, I love to collaborate with producers/musicians and try something new. Perhaps if you come to my shows, you’ll hear everything I can do.

Q: Why did you become involved with Music Beats Cancer? Has cancer directly or indirectly affected you?

I joined Music Beats Cancer because I feel it’s a great charity that helps raise money that could help a friend, a family member or even yourself. As we all know cancer is unpredictable when and who it attacks and not all current treatments can save all, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if one day they could?

Unfortunately, like many, I have a family medical history where cancer has affected my loved ones due to (brain, thyroid, melanoma, breast) and other types of cancer. Because of this disease, I’ve lost many family/friends which is never easy to cope with. A few years ago, I was asked to write a song for a little boy diagnosed with Leukemia, it’s called “My Little Hero.” I also have a brother who is a radiation oncologist, and he’s made it a career to help find the cure for cancer. As a singer, I’ve tried to use my platform to raise awareness, and funds for cancer.

If you know someone who survived cancer or who is currently being treated for cancer it is because of donations and research people do.  I hope we all pay it forward to help others as people helped those in the past.

Visit Isaiah’s page HERE.

Q: What is happening next in your music career?

During this pandemic I’ve been promoting my latest music projects, doing virtual events, and collaborating with brands/charity organizations to help them raise awareness. This year, I released “Dance in Love” a high – energy dance remix album featuring (9) songs of mine from DJs worldwide. Recently, I went skydiving with the Army (Golden Knights), my music was added onto Roku TV, and I’ve been doing press interviews with radio stations, TV networks, and media publications to promote my music.

This month, I’m releasing a music video for my song “Wherever You Are” since it was used to raise funds for Music Beats Cancer. During the holidays, I’ll be sharing my song “Christmas with You” to help raise funds for Salvation Army, and children’s hospitals. Additionally, I just recorded a new single (I NEED YOU) about dealing with mental health, which will be released in 2022.

Like musicians all over the world, we’ve all been affected during this pandemic. I’m extremely grateful to everyone who has given me an opportunity to share my music and follow my journey as a singer/songwriter.

Checkout Isaiah’s music HERE.

Q: Anything else you would like Music Beats Cancer readers to know about you?

My goal as a singer is to encourage people to never give up on their dreams. No matter how many times I’ve fallen down, I’ve still managed to pick myself back up, and try again. I can’t thank you enough for believing, and supporting what I do. One thing I’ve learned through my journey is have compassion for others, because you never know what someone is dealing with. I truly believe a simple act of kindness can make a difference, so please spread love “Wherever You Are.”

To learn more about me, please visit my website HERE and my instagram HERE.


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