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Music Beats Cancer: Meet Josette

Music Beats Cancer


Growing up listening to pop divas like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Taylor Swift made it certain that Music Beats Cancer artist Josette would aspire to become her own version of a pop star.

“Celine Dion especially inspired me to begin singing, and at seven years old I began writing my own music. I taught myself how to play guitar when I was nine, and then I taught myself piano two years later. Performing is my biggest passion and what I want to do with my life, and if I were to do anything else I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much,” Josette said.

A self-taught musician, Josette didn’t stop with making music just for her own ears to listen to.

“I recorded my first demo when I was 12, and I’ve been recording my own music and working with producers ever since then,” Josette said.

Josette found her true calling when she began to record her own music, saying “I love working in the studio. My first time recording music in a studio, you would think I’d have been nervous, but I felt at home right away. I felt like that’s what I should be doing after school and homework, going straight to the studio to record.”

Acoustic pop and singer-songwriter vibes flow through Josette’s musical style. She considers herself a “female version of John Mayer and Ed Sheeran, especially because they are both songwriters,” and in addition to writing and singing her own music, she plays all the piano and guitar on her recordings.

Because Josette has a good relationship with her producer, Steve Pageot, her recording process in the studio has been collaborative.

“If you have a good relationship with your producer, it’s beneficial because you can be a part of the creative process. I’ve learned a lot from the producer’s perspective because of my relationship with [Steve],” Josette said.

Not only has Josette and her producer created new music together, but she also first got involved with Music Beats Cancer because of him.

“[Steve] was contacted by Music Beats Cancer, and that’s how I heard about the organization. [Music Beats Cancer] involves music, which I love, and cancer research, which I support. I know people that have been affected by cancer, and the fact that I can help by doing something that I love is incredible,” Josette said.

In addition to supporting the Music Beats Cancer cause, Josette is also a big supporter of the music program in her school.
“I’m currently a junior at Cresskill High School, and I’m very involved with my school’s music program. I’m the singer for the school’s jazz and rock bands, and I’m part of the school choir, concert band, and marching band, where I play the alto sax. I’m also a member of my school’s a capella group called “Sound Xplosion.” We’re a competitive group that’s been on the Lifetime TV show Pitch Slapped,” Josette said.

Josette also helped her school win a GEICO contest promoting safe driving by using her songwriting skills and musical talents.

“I took a video production course [at school], and my teacher told me about the contest. They needed a songwriter to write a song about driving safely, and because my teacher knew about my music he asked me to do it. I wrote and recorded the song, and then I worked on the video with the other kids in my class. We won a cash prize that went towards the school, as well as the teacher and students that worked on it,” Josette said.

Josette is keeping busy in the music industry, having just released her new single “Problem” and the music video for the song as well. She is also working on releasing more material with her producer.

“Right now I have 123 copyrighted songs, and I’m planning on writing even more for a small EP that should be coming out soon,” Josette said.

In addition to releasing new music, Josette plans on remaining active in the performance arena.

“I’m going to keep performing during the weekends in [New York City] because I love the vibe. The Bitter End in the village is my favorite place. It’s not too small, and it’s not too big; it’s the perfect amount of intimacy. It has a café vibe, which is perfect for my acoustic style of music,” Josette said.

After graduating from high school, Josette hopes to live in New York City, saying “I want to study music business at NYU. It’s my dream school, so I’m working on getting my SAT scores up so I can go there.”


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