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From Mamarazzi To Breast Cancer Survivor: Meet Denise Albert

Denise Albert is an award-winning journalist, television producer and Co-Founder of The MOMS (TheMOMS.com) and Mamarazzi Celebrity Events.  Denise describes herself as a, “Full time working/stay at home, happily divorced, independent survivor mom”. Denise is currently embarking on a new venture inspired by her cancer journey, MyCancerFamily.com. Her August 2015 diagnosis with stage 2 (due to […]

Ralph’s Cancer Journey: A husband, A Father and an Outlier.

  Ralph Sotomayor and his wife, Kena, experienced first-hand the limitations of cancer treatment, the failure of breakthrough medicine and the financial and spiritual blows of fighting and succumbing to cancer. Kena describes Ralph as a healthy man overall, who had no history of cancer in his family and never smoked or drank. Needless to […]

Embracing the Journey: From a Child’s Perspective

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, ALL, is the most common pediatric cancer in America. As treatments and procedures have been honed for years, Paige’s positive experience with treatment provides hope and a reminder of the immense strength cancer patients can exhibit in difficult situations. Maybe it was innocence, or wisdom, that allowed Paige to accept her situation, […]

The Bigger Picture: Laura Wood’s Breast Cancer Journey

On September 13, 2018, Laura Wood was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. She was just 29 years old, didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, and lived a fairly healthy lifestyle. How could this have happened to Laura? Though this question was burning in her mind for so long, it is one Laura has stopped asking. A […]

More than just a guideline

 Last July, Cynthia Hammond was enjoying time with her nine-year-old grandson. As they laughed at an unflattering passport picture she had just taken, her grandson pointed out an abnormality on her neck. She shared her concerns with a family doctor and was adamant to get a CT scan. She was instead met with disregard and […]

An irrepressible spirit

 Kyle Miron faced a brain cancer diagnosis at the age of 31 with a toddler at home and a wife who was eight months pregnant. The former college point guard drew on his spirituality and his successful treatment gave him a more proactive attitude toward life. Kyle Miron’s odyssey with brain cancer started in mid-2016 […]